During the last several years in sports sections of our republic such martial art as grappling became very popular among young people.

Grappling as a sport appeared in United Arab Emirates in 1998. The author of grappling is sheik Takhtun bin Zaid al Nakhayan, son of then leader of UAE sheik Zaid. In 1993 after watching UFC, sheik Takhtun got interested in MMA. Soon after that he began training in jiu-jitsu in San-Diego, California.

By the way, till this day the best schools in Brazilian jiu-jitsu are situated there. After finishing his training sheik Takhtun came back to UAE and set out to create his vision of martial arts realization that is to create a standard of rules, so that different wrestling styles could implement their advantages. Abu Dhabi Combat Club was established for this purpose. Sheik started from hiring top class Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, freestyle wrestling, and sambo coaches. Sheik Takhtun’s idea also got its development on the American continent. After ADCC two more organizations appear: NAGA (North American Grappling Association) and Grapplers Quest.

International association of amateur wrestling (the oldest wrestling organization – FILA) representing Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling in the International Olympic Committee, started its grappling project, which got its recognition in Russia, and since January of 2013 it is in the Russian Wrestling Federation. Grappling is a hybrid martial art, comprising moves and techniques of different types of wrestling, jiu-jitsu, combat sambo and other kinds of combat sports. The art of grappling is to force the opponent to give up with the help of using techniques of painful impact on joints of arms and legs and also different submission holds. Grappling is one of the most important components in practice of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and also it is acknowledged as an effective self-protection system.

Grappling appeared in Russia not so long ago, the path-finder of the mat wrestling was “Yavara-sport” club, which was opened in the center of Moscow in 1998. The first grappling tournament in Daghestan took place in 2010. Championship of the republic was held thanks to efforts of president of Grappling Federation of North Caucasian Federal District, now chief coach of the Russian team Gadjimurad Abdullaev.

Today grappling is in the list of sports acknowledged by the Ministry of Physical training and sports of the Republic of Daghestan. During the last three years official championships of Daghestan among adults and youth in this sport are held. Daghestanian sportsmen are the key personnel of Russian national team, and they win on competitions of the highest level.