General information

Volunteers play a very important role in international sports competitions, such as Olympic and Paralympic Games, Championships of the World and Europe, and also in competitions of different levels.

A sport volunteering is assistance based on special skills, and that is its distinctive feature, unlike traditional volunteering, where no special skills are needed.

A sport volunteering is defined as voluntary help during organizing and holding sports events, without getting money reward for it.

In modern society volunteering is a main form of civic engagement. Without a doubt, volunteering holds an important potential for social development.

Without volunteers such aspects as good organizing of competitions, work with sportsmen, cultural exchange, providing comfortable daily routine and leisure time for guests of sports events would become impossible.

For volunteers, sports competitions are a work experience on events of a large scale, an opportunity to know, how sportsmen become champions, acquaintance with world’s sports elite, a chance to meet one’s peers from different countries, to find friends and like-minded people, to practice speaking in foreign languages and to get new skills.

It is a good opportunity to define one’s way in life and to choose a future profession.