Freestyle wrestling – women

Daghestan was one of the first republics that started to develop female wrestling, starting from the late 1980s.

The starting point of female wrestling development in Russia officially became 1990, when a corresponding decision was made by freestyle wrestling federation of Russia. This document was introduced in February, and in April the first championship of Russia took place in Lipetsk. 38 female athletes from nine territorial entities of the Russian Federation, and also wrestlers from Ukraine participated in the championship.

In 1993 Russia got the right to hold the first Europe Championship. The competition took place in Ivanovo, where in all nine categories the first places were won by the hosts of the competitions. The Russian team debuted in World championships in 1991, however, the first gold medal was won by Russian wrestlers in 1995 in the World Championship in Moscow. It needs to be mentioned, that it was won by a representative from Daghestan Saniyat Ganachueva.

One of the first representatives of Daghestan in freestyle wrestling, trained by an honored coach of Russia Kasum Nasrutdinov, started going in for wrestling in 1989. Her sister Samira Ganachueva in her turn became third in Europe Championship.

Approximately in the same period success in wrestling came to Tetey Alibekova (silver medallist of the World Championship, champion of Russia and Europe), Svetlana Gracheva (three times champion of Russia, bronze medalist of the World Cup and Europe Championship), Zumrud Kurbangadjieva (three times champion of the country), Olga Koshmak (silver medalist of Europe Championship) and many other Daghestanian girls.

The first Daghestanian female wrestler who became a participant of the Olympic Games in the Russian national team was Zamira Rakhmanova. Trained by an honored coach Emma Magomedova, the wrestler has victories in World and Continental championships under her belt.

Long-awaited Olympic gold for Russia in female wrestling was won in 2012 in London by Natalia Vorobyeva, who also originated from Daghestan. Four years later, on Games in Rio de Janeiro she added a silver medal to her achievements.

Freestyle wrestling among women keeps developing successfully in Daghestan till this day; Daghestanian athletes are included in Russian national teams of different ages, and also are included in national team of Azerbaijan. Promising athletes, such as champion of Russia, participant of the Olympic Games in Rio, Milana Dadasheva, appeared.

Since the beginning of 2011 at the initiative and with financial support from the first vice-president of Russian Wrestling Federation Omar Murtuzaliev, a specialized hall for female wrestling started functioning in Makhachkala.

In 2017 taking into consideration great contribution of our sportsmen in developing and popularization of freestyle wrestling in the country, Freestyle Wrestling Championship of Russia among women took place in Daghestan for the first time.

It should be mentioned, that the coach of Russian national freestyle wrestling female team is champion of the world from Daghestan Yuriy Shakhmuradov.