Greco-Roman wrestling

Classic wrestling started developing in Daghestan for the first time approximately in 1940s. At that time Arminak Karapetyan, who was just starting his career in Makhachkala after Derbent, and also Nikolay Shorin, Magomed Ramazanov, Alexey Borzov and others were famous coaches. Almost every university and training college in the republic had sports sections of classic, or as it was then called, French wrestling. That surge in interest and popularity of classic wrestling lead to appearing of great masters in the republic, such as Ibragim Mamedov, Alisultan Omarov, Kurban Agaev, Abdul Shakhnazarov, Suleyman Efendiev, Akhmed Amirkhanov, Saypulla Gadjiev, Eynula Mamedov, Sultan Musaev, Dadash Gadjiev and many, many others.

In 1959 after triumphant victory of Ali Aliev, when he became champion of the World in freestyle wrestling, most “classic” wrestlers became “freestylers”. Greco-Roman wrestling became secondary. At one time we had such famous wrestlers as champion of USSR, multiple champion of Europe, silver medalist of the World Championship Abdulbassir Batalov. Twice champion of USSR, champion of Spartakiad of USSR people, champion of the World Cup Kamal Musaev.

At the dawn of Greco-Roman wrestling’s revival were first of all veterans of coaches’ staff – Arip Abakarov, Alisultan Omarov, Ibragim Mamedov. Young coaches also got down to business with new energy. Important milestone on this way was opening a specialized Greco-Roman wrestling school in Makhachkala in 2006.

From the beginning of 2000s, and exactly this time should be considered a start in a new phase of Greco-Roman wrestling development in Daghestan, more than 50 masters of sports were trained in sports sections, while in the previous forty years there were none, of course, if we don’t take into account those who represented other regions.

Today more than 500 sportsmen go in for Greco-Roman wrestling in Daghestan, among whom there are a lot of promising wrestlers who can show their worth on the most prestigious competitions. For example, as it was with twice champion of the World Alim Selimov, the Olympic Games prize winners Djavid Gamzatov and Daniyal Gadjiev.

Also there are a lot of young promising wrestlers, who become champions and prize winners of championships of the country, Europe and World among youth.