Participants – health resort «Caspiy»

Only 35 kilometers separate “Caspiy” – this haven of quietness and peacefulness , from the noisy capital of Daghestan – Makhachkala, and 8 kilometers – from the nearest railway station “Manas”. Those who arrive for treatment to the health resort, will be pleasantly surprised by Daghestan right away: by mountain landscapes, rare unusual plants and sandy beaches.

Every connoisseur of nature beauties will take a liking in the health resort “Caspiy”. Surrounded by mountain ranges, it is situated in the creek of the Manas seashore on the terraces of sea cliff with a total area of 22 hectares. Bedroom buildings and managemental buildings are surrounded by trees and parklands. And it’s just steps away from the beach, on fine sand of which one can walk barefooted with such pleasure, when the riding waves barely touch one’s feet.

Director’s name and surname:
Karpova Valeriya Pavlovna
+7 (988) 300-41-07
+7 (925) 853-88-28