On the 5th of February a delegation from Moscow visited Daghestan in order to prepare for the Wrestling Championship of Europe

On the 5th of February a delegation from Moscow visited Daghestan in order to prepare for the Wrestling Championship of Europe. Among them there are representatives of the Ministry of Sports of Russia, Wrestling Federation of Russia, the “Telesport” company, which is responsible for broadcasting of the championship, media and others.

First of all the guests evaluated capabilities of the venue of the forthcoming championship – the Palace of Sports and Youth named after Ali Aliev in the city of Kaspiysk. Accompanied by representatives of the Ministry of Sports of the republic and also management and staff of the sports object, they went around rooms.

There are six changing rooms, a medical room, a room for doping control, two rooms for referees, offices for UWW president, UWW general secretary, technical delegate and the main referee of UWW, UWW staff, receiving office, a depot for water and office supplies, an office for the press and also a warm-up hall.

First director deputy of Federal State Independent Institution “Administration of sports events” Mikhail Seredkin offered to make a final project of the hall’s scheme, and also to develop a technical enquiry.

“It is necessary to make a plan of the hall, where all the rooms will be clearly indicated. We have to see how everything will look eventually. This issue must be resolved. And having developed a technical enquiry, we won’t have questions about having enough equipment”, Akashev said.

It was also noted that 4 screens in the Palace of Sports will be involved for video replays, 4 more screens will be installed over the central mat for the same purpose. One big screen will be broadcasting the opening and closing ceremonies.

After going around the arena, a meeting was held, where questions of preparing for the championship were discussed. Thus, safety in the cities of Makhachkala and Kaspiysk during the competitions will be ensured by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, other law-enforcement agencies. Besides that the question is being solved about who is going to ensure safety and keep order in the sports complex.

“It will be either workers of a private security firm, or it will be the responsibility of Federal National Guard Troops Service. This question is being solved by the organizing committee of the championship”, noted the director of state public institution of the Republic of Daghestan “Directorate for holding and material security of sports events” Ruslan Biyarslanov.

He also told the guests that specially selected volunteers will be helping participants and guests of the championship. “Volunteers will be everywhere, not only in the Palace of Sports, but also in the places of residence of participants and guests”, – noted Biyarslanov.

Mikhail Seredkin wondered how the participants of the championship will be residing – in one place, or separately in different places. It was noted that all the participants will reside in the health resort “Caspiy”, which can host up to one thousand guests at the same time. Especially for them 8 buses will be going from the place of residence to the venue of the competitions. Each bus will be accompanied by traffic police. It was also noted that food for the participants will be provided not only in the health resort “Caspiy”, but also in the Palace of Sports.

The participants of the meeting discussed the script of the opening of the Europe Championship. The opening has to become a vivid memorable event; it should take no longer than half an hour.

The participants of the meeting also discussed questions concerning the work of media. Deputy Minister of press and information of the Republic of Daghestan Sergey Sneguirev offered to develop beforehand a work plan for the informational segment, interaction with the central media.

Executive director of Wrestling Federation of Russia Aleksandr Derevyanko assured that the leading Russian informational resources, including such sports channels as “Championship”, “R-sport” and others are ready to cooperate. Foreign media representatives are also expected to come to the republic.

“We have to pay special attention to the work of media, as on it depends how the republic and the whole Russia will be represented abroad”, Derevyanko said.

Technical questions also were discussed at the meeting, concerning organizing of broadcasting of the Europe Championship, accreditation for participants, guests, media; tickets sales.

After that the guests went to the health resort “Caspiy”, where they got acquainted with residing conditions of the championship’s participants.