Meeting with daghestanian media representatives concerning issues of their work at the forthcoming Europe wrestling championship

Minister ad interim of the Physical Training and Sports of the Republic of Daghestan Magomed Magomedov held a meeting with Daghestanian Media representatives concerning issues of their work at the forthcoming Europe Wrestling Championship.

Meeting of the minister with journalists took place in the Palace of Sports and Youth named after Ali Aliev in Kaspiysk, which will host Europe Championship.

Magomed Magomedov told about the work which had been already done, preparing for this significant event. He noted that renewed Ali Aliev Palace of Sports would be fully ready by the 20th of February.

“By this time VIP-sector will be fully reequipped, violet flooring will be rolled, according to the requirements of UWW, the walls will also become violet. This will meet the requirements of United World Wrestling (UWW). Everything that is necessary to hold these competitions according to required standards will be accomplished” – the minister noted.

According to the minister’s words, media representatives also have nothing to worry about; the organizers will take care of creating all the necessary conditions for their quality work in media coverage of Europe Championship. There is a special tribune meant for the press, besides that one of the rooms under tribunes will be provided for the journalists’ needs. For operative work a high-speed internet connection will be provided, technical equipment will be bought.

Regional television representatives asked the minister about capability of live broadcast from the venue on their TV channels. Magomed Magomedov explained that the federal channel Match TV had the rights for live broadcast. “This question should be discussed with Match TV representatives. I completely agree, that primarily live broadcasts should be organized by Daghestanian TV channels”, – he noted.

Press representatives who specialize in photo and video recordings were worried about necessary lighting in the venue for quality work. The minister assured that there would be no problems with this.

In the conclusion of the meeting the minister thanked media workers for their work in coverage of republic’s sports life, noting that the Ministry of Physical Training and Sports of the republic was always open for the press.