Delegation under the direction of prime-minister ad interim of the Republic of Daghestan checked the preparing for the wrestling championship of Europe-2018

Last weekend Chairman of the Government of Daghestan ad interim Abdusamad Gamidov with minister ad interim of the Physical Training and Sports of the Republic of Daghestan Magomed Magomedov and State Duma Deputy Murad Gadjiev visited the Palace of Sports and Youth named after Ali Aliev to check the object’s readiness for Wrestling Championship of Europe-2018.

Having taken a look at surrounding territory, which is to be refined at the earliest date, and also rooms of the sports complex, including practice hall, Abdusamad Gamidov noted that the reconstruction of the Palace of Sports in Kaspiysk is planned to be completed before the 20th of February.

“In the lead-up to Europe Championship we expand the area of the practice hall, because there will be a lot of sportsmen. We will manage to do it without disrupting the architecture of the building itself. During the visit of the Palace of Sports by committee of international federation “United World Wrestling” a number of reprimands concerning the sports complex were made. There are certain requirements for venues hosting championships, which need to be met. In the hall itself we must create conditions meeting the world standards for the referee’s board. The territory behind the complex also needs to be refined; it should be nice and comfortable. The work goes as planned and before the 20th of February has to be completed. Before the Europe Championship, on the 3rd of March international tournament “Caspiy Cup” will be held here. National teams of Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey, world leaders in freestyle wrestling will participate in it. These competitions will serve as a sort of testing tournament in preparing for the Europe Championship” – Gamidov said.

It should be reminded that the Championship will take place from the 26th of April till 6th of May in four types of combats: Greco-Roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling, grappling, female wrestling.

Prime-minister ad interim of Daghestan also got acquainted with accommodation conditions of Europe Championship’s participants.

He checked progress in reconstruction works in the health resort “Caspiy”, where conditions for accommodation and training of sportsmen are created.

In the health resort, situated in the village Manas, new changing rooms, shower cabins, Turkish hamam, sauna bath, infrared bath-house are being built. Also decoration works and facing of several buildings of the resort are being done.

During the review Abdusamad Gamidov shared his opinion on the preparing works: “Wonderful infrastructure, fully up to standards, needed for guests, the administration of the health resort decided to make a reconstruction, to change furniture. It will give the complex an even better look. All the works are being done on a scheduled basis. Actually 4 stories of a 5-stories building have already been reconstructed, the last is being reconstructed now, it will be completed during a month. There are a number of little objects, which need to be created additionally. On the whole the infrastructure is ready. The conditions here are great, sportsmen don’t always have such conditions”.

Prime-minister ad interim also emphasized that more than 600 sportsmen will reside on the territory of the health resort during the Championship.

Murad Gadjiev in his turn noted that the continental championship is a very responsible event for the republic. “All eyes of the republic’s government just as of the administration of the international federation “United World Wrestling” are on these objects. Today we see that massive reconstruction works are started and the work goes fast. I think that we will host the Europe Championship on a high level”, State Duma Deputy expressed his confidence.