Selection of volunteers for work at Europe wrestling championship-2018 started

Today Selection of volunteers for work at Europe wrestling championship – 2018 started. Youth aged 17 and older, who had filled out a special form on the championship’s website, are interviewed.

Abilities of boys and girls are evaluated by an expert committee which consists of representatives of the Ministry for physical education and sports, Ministry for Youth Affairs, Open youth government of the Republic of Daghestan, Youth center of Makhachkala and others.

It should be reminded that the campaign of volunteers’ registration started on the 15th of November 2017. According to the results of the selection 250 volunteers will be involved in organizing and holding of the Championship of Europe. The main organizing functions of volunteers on the Championship of Europe-2018: meeting of guests; issuing accreditation cards; registration of delegations; providing participants of the Championship of Europe with food; working as interpreters; guarding territories around the sports objects; assistance in the safety field and in security check; preparing premises, changing rooms, halls of official ceremonies; helping transportation logistics specialists; assistance in IT service; accompanying sportsmen, honored guests and referees; assistance in organizing spectacular events and others.

“Europe Wrestling Championship is one of the most significant sports events. Organizing it requires involving a lot of human resources. Volunteers are the most important element in the holding of competitions, because they solve the main organizational tasks. The main criteria of choosing candidates – age over 17 years old, knowledge of foreign languages (with a dictionary), skills of team work and social skills. Previous experience of volunteers’ activity will be an additional advantage” – coordinator of volunteers’ work in the championship, Gamzat Gamzatov noted.

It should be reminded that Europe Wrestling Championship will be held from the 30th of April till the 6th of May in Kaspiysk, in the Palace of Sports and Youth named after Ali Aliev.