Magomed Magomedov held a meeting on the issue of readiness of Europe Wrestling Championship participants’ and guests’ residences

Today under the direction of minister ad interim of the physical training and sports of the Republic of Daghestan Magomedov Magomed Yusupovich, a meeting was held on the issue of readiness of Europe Wrestling Championship participants’ and guests’ residences.

It needs to be reminded that the championship is planned to be held from the 30th of April until the 6th of May. During these days the strongest male and female freestyle wrestlers and Greco-Roman wrestlers will be defined. Several days prior to the official start of the championship, grappling competitions will be held. The Palace of Sports and Youth named after Ali Aliev will host the championship.

In the beginning of the meeting Magomed Magomedov emphasized the importance of the forthcoming wrestling championship.

“Europe Wrestling Championship will become the first big sports event on international level on the territory of Russia. As you all know, it is the first event of such great significance that will take place on the territory of the North Caucasus, the Republic of Daghestan will host it. The President of our country Vladimir Putin also knows of the championship, and his participation in the opening ceremony is not excluded”, – the minister said.

He also reminded that the organizing committee for preparing the Championship of Europe is headed by the head ad interim of Daghestan Vladimir Vasilyev, who paid close attention to the question of championship’s participants’ accommodation.

“Vladimir Abdualievich has already held a meeting of the championship’s organizing committee, during which one of the main discussed questions was whether or not our hotels are ready to host sports delegations and guests. During the championship the hotels will be overcrowded, and that’s why you as the management of these objects have a great responsibility”, – Magomedov emphasized.

According to the head of the sports institution, places of accommodation have to conform to high-status of the event:

“You have to understand that everything has to be up to par. Prestige of not only our republic, but of the country depends on how we will meet and accommodate our guests and hold the championship. It is very important, that the guests have only the most pleasant impressions of their time in Daghestan”.

It should be noted that it is planned to accommodate the sports delegations and also guests of the championship in 33 hotels in Makhachkala and Kaspiysk. Their directors and representatives reported to the minister of their objects’ capacities.

Magomed Magomedov asked them to pay attention to flaws, if there are some, and also informed that he will hold another meeting with the hotels’ representatives before the championship.